Top Free Email account providers without phone number

    Don’t you want to share the phone number while creating an email account? And have tried a lot but did not find the ways. Do not worry anymore, as here I will be mentioning such email service providers which allow an individual to create email account without a phone number. Also, these email service providers come up with end-to-end encryption, security, excellent User Interface, Apps on iOS and Android.

    A curated list of free email account providers is mentioned below.

    1. Protonmail
      It is founded in Switzerland and hence no jurisdiction of the US and EU are not applicable. One of the best things about it is that it allows client-side encryption, as a result of it no one can decrypt the message in between the sender and receiver. It is good for privacy lovers and for those who do not want to reveal their phone numbers.

    2. Tutanota
      Its server is based in Germany, so it falls under the jurisdiction of the EU (European Union). It is also a free email service provider without having a mobile number verification.


    3. Yandex Mail
      It is a Russian based email service provider and allows storage of up to 10GB which is sufficient enough if you do not have media-rich emails.

    4. OpenMailBox
      It is also a free email service provider with storage up to 1GB. It is packed with non-stop customer service. Phone verification is also not available here.

    5. Mailinator
      It also provides free email without phone number verification. Unlike others, it provides a temporary email which means you do not have to sign up to have an account created.

    6. GMX
      It is also a popular email service provider, allows you to use email without any phone number verification but here is a twist, you will have to submit an email address for confirmation. Also, it is good for you in the case when you lose your password and are willing to recover it.

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