What are the IMAP settings for Verizon AOL Email?

    Verizon is a very famous email service provider and recently it has cooperated together with major email companies like AOL and Yahoo. But, a lot of people are facing problems with the new Verizon email settings. So, do not worry in this guide, we are going to tell you the correct email settings for Verizon email. 

    You should know that it is very important to correctly set the Verizon imap setting and Verizon smtp settings with AOL mail to ensure the proper functioning of the mil application. These IMAP and SMTP settings are required for the sending and receiving of emails. 

    AOL Mail IMAP Settings

    So in this section, we are going to tell you the aol server settings for verizon email. You should manually enter all these settings for correct authentication. You need to open the Settings app on your mobile device where you will find the IMAP and SMTP settings of your mail application. 

    • IMAP Server address: impa.aol.com

    • IMAP Username: the AOL mail address of your account

    • IMAP Password: your AOL mail account password

    • IMAP Port: 993

    • SSL/TLS required: Yes

    AOL Mail SMTP Settings

    To send mails correctly. You should use these SMTP settings for your AOL mail server and enter them in the respective fields. This will ensure the correct validation of your AOL Verizon account.

    • Outgoing server address: smtp.aol.com

    • SMTP port: 465

    • Security: TLS/SSL

    • Username: type the mail address of your AOL mail account

    • SMTP Password: the password of your AOL account 

    We hope that you have used these settings for the correct authentication of your Verizon email account with your AOL mail account. Make sure that you do not enter any of the Verizon aol email settings 2021 wrong or misspelt. Now, use your AOL and Verizon mail account to complete your tasks.

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