Setup ATT IMAP Email Settings on different Email Clients?


    An email has become the most prominent way of communication in today’s era. In every office, having an email is the first and foremost thing. When it comes to the number of email service providers, the number is huge. Among all these AT&T emails is the most popular email service provider. Similar to other top-notch email service providers, AT&T email also allows an individual to set up the email on any of the email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. 

    One of the main advantages of having emails on the email client is that you can access the emails without having been connected to the internet, which means you can access the emails in offline mode as well.

    In order to access the emails on the email client, there is a need for certain Att mail server settings and these settings have been mentioned below. 

    AT&T IMAP Settings

    IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol is used to transfer the emails from the server to the email clients (e.g. Outlook). Without this protocol, emails can not be available on the email client for browsing purposes.

    Find below the AT&T IMAP settings

    net (ATT) IMAP Server: imap.mail.yahoo.com

    IMAP port: 993

    IMAP security: SSL / TLS

    IMAP Username: Your full email address

    IMAP password: Your AT&T password

    Att Email Settings for Outlook

    Outlook is the most favored by the users as it provides certain additional features in addition to email like Calendar, Contacts, etc.

    ATT email settings for outlook have been given below, go through them sequentially.

    First Enter name and AT&T email address

    Now, Enter the Server information

    Choose IMAP for account type

    Incoming Mail Server - imap.mail.att.net

    Outgoing Mail Server - imap.mail.att.net

    Now, Login by entering the username and password

    Click on More Settings

    Click on Outgoing Server

    And click on the checkbox to use the same settings as the incoming Server

    For incoming server - Enter port 993 and choose SSL

    For Outgoing server- Enter port 465 and choose SSL

    Once done, click on Finish


    Att Email Settings for iPhone

    If you are willing to use AT&T email settings on your iPhone, do not worry as the ATT email settings for iPhone are provided below.

    Navigate to “Settings

    Choose “Mail, Contacts and Calendar

    Click on “Add Account” and enter the following details

    Name: Your name

    Email: your ATT email address

    Password: your ATT email password

    Description: enter “ATT

    For Incoming mail server, use below settings

    Hostname: mail.att.net

    Username: your ATT email address

    Password: your ATT email password

    For Outgoing mail server

    Hostname: mail.att.net

    Username: your ATT email address

    Password: your ATT email password

    Choose “save


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